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On widgets

This is a good app, only wish I can put it on the widgets list


This is one of my essential apps. I'm still not over the fact the Apple refuses to enable album shuffle naively, so this is the next best option. I use it with smart playlists that have songs based on when they were last played, so I don't have the same problem the previous reviewer had with the app shuffling the same albums. (I suspect this is an iOS problem, because I had the same problem before making smart playlists.) One feature I would like is the option for a remote control to skip albums, not tracks, when skipping forward or back, like while using Bluetooth headphones or the in-line remote that wired headphones have. Glad to see that this app is still being developed!

Nice idea, but ...

I really want to like this, but there is a flaw in the randomization algorithm. The same group of about 20 albums (maybe more or less, I've never tried to count) is shuffled over and over and re-shuffling simply changes the order rather than loading a new group of albums. So if you wait long enough you just end up listening to the same things over and over again while the majority of music on your device is ignored. This is the only thing that is stopping me from using it regularly.


Really missed album shuffle. This app is the perfect solution.

Can't choose first song

I really love this app for letting me finally shuffle albums on my iPod touch. However, one of my biggest problems is that you can't choose one song or album to start and then shuffle from there. If you already have a song playing, once you open this app it will disregard the rest of the Album playing and start a new queue. Being able to choose a song from the app interface would be great too, instead of having to keep going back to the Music app to choose a song. This would get 5 stars if you could do something other than simply shuffle your library.

Great Idea, but Crashes Unexpectedly...

This app is wonderful... when it is working properly. However, my experience is that it randomly crashes my iPad when I hit the "skip album" button. Let me be clear, it's not just the app that crashes, it causes the iPad itself to reboot. When I reported my problems, the message I received back was dismissive, and they only wanted to blame Apple rather than admit that they had problems with their app. Also, a lesser problem is that the app ignores the orientation of the device and defaults to a vertical presentation, even when it was previously opened in a horizontal orientation and not moved before opening the app again. In short, this app is a great idea with poor writing behind it, and it does not deserve the high ratings it has received until they can fix these problems.

Overall Great

In general I love this app. There are a few things that bother me: right now the main one is that one of my playlists shows up in the music app but not this app.

So good!

Well worth the money. I would give it five stars if it allowed you to shuffle more than 50 albums to eliminate repeats.

Continues to be the best

Couldn't listen to my music collection without it. Works flawlessly with iTunes Match.

Great app

Great app, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support.

Couldn't do without it!

First and foremost, for me to get through my cardio sessions, I need my music! So when my iPod 4th Generation started to act up, I went out and got an iPod Touch. All was good and I was impressed and excited until I realized there was no loger shuffle by album!!! :( I live for this feature! I have my favorite albums for cardio in a Playlist and then I would use that shuffle by album feature to randomize by album. I seriously considered returning my iPod Touch because randomizing by track would definitely NOT work for me. I really couldn't believe the feature was missing, so I thought I just didn't know how to do it. That's when I turned to the internet and found out that it wasn't me after all and then I found this great app! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Very highly recommended. In the previous version, I noticed some bugs with the randomization feature because some albums would replay a couple of albums after they had been played. I'm hoping that this is fixed in this new version. Still, is is a small annoyance to pay for not having a feature I desperately need while doing my cardio.

Works Very Well!

Restores functionality sorely missing from the stock app. If only you could shuffle albums through HomeShare!

Every day

I use this app just about every day. It is functional, fun, and well designed.

AlbumMixer 1.10

Great app! Glad to see there are other people that are just as particular about their library as I am. Now if there was a way to view [Artists>All Albums>All Songs] in their proper album-order instead of alphabetical order. I've been putting number codes in front of the track names to achieve this. For example, [0101 - This Is a Call] would be the first track on Foo Fighters' first album, and [0604 - Long Road to Ruin] is the fourth track on their sixth album. A very tedious process! Please help!!!

Feature Request

Great app that should be a feature of the music app anyway! Would get 5 stars if it allowed track ratings.


This works, but it asks me to shuffle every time I go into it. And with 4400 albums, it takes forever to shuffle. Why can't it keep playing from the same shuffle, instead of asking for a new one every time.

exactly what I need, with a few suggestions for improvements

Album shuffle was the one thing that the iPod Touch and iPhone didn't have, and it irked me to no end. So I'm incredibly grateful for this program which does more than just album shuffle, but also allows you to shuffle within a playlist or genre. It's great to have that kind of flexibility! The program links seamlessly with the iPod music player, which is nice too. A couple suggestions for improvements: 1) speed up the shuffle (right now, when I shuffle to the next album, it has to skip every single track in the current album one at a time, which is slow) 2) similar to the volume control, make it possible to access lyrics directly from the program 3) being able to shuffle by artist would be nice 4) I wish that while the program was actually shuffling, I could access the filters. The shuffling takes so long sometimes and I haven't even picked the correct filter. Otherwise, it's exactly what Apple should have included in their original program!

Has its bugs

Would be nice if you could set a filter by artist.

Perfect! Albums, skip to next, filter to playlist

This works great, turns iPod or iPad into decent music player again. Shuffle works, you can skip a whole album (bit slow to do that), and choose to only shuffle from a genre or playlist.

Albummixer 1.8 is not ready for prime time

Update - Just purchased this app in the hopes of replacing the Album Shuffle function. This function is especially important for those of us who like classical music and want to be able to play multiple ablums, with the tracks of each ablum played in their intended order. Set up a simple test case. Created a Genre called "test" which contained 3 albums, 2 of the albums consisted of 1 track each, the third had 3 tracks . Built a shuffle list using filter on genre "test" * however the app would consistently play the 3 track ablum starting with the second track (later determined that the filter function did not pick up the existence of the 1st track. Using the mp3 player app, we able to confirm that the album did contain 3 tracks). Another problem with the app is once you close it, music continues to play. If you look at the active app list, the mp3 player does not show up (so you cannot cancel it). The only way to stop the music is either pause it or manually start up the mp3 app, select something to play and then cancel the app.

doesn't work well according to tags

I have my songs tagged pretty well, the album name and artist tags are very accurate. Yet whenever I run this app (I've had it for a few months), it picks 1 or 2 tracks out of the 10 - 12 tracks that are on my ipod Touch in a very random order. And when it does have more than 1 track from an album, the order is incorrect!! I do not recommend this app until it is fixed.

Decent. Functionality with flaws.

First off I'd like to slap the reviewer in the face who thinks this app will magically sort his randomly labelled mp3s. From the dawn of the mp3, everyone knows you have to properly label your ID3s, it's a chore but it's mandatory for anyone seeking order in their collection. On to the app. The good: it brings back the dearly missed shuffle by album feature for those that like a little consistency in their randomness. The bad: it's slow. God awfully slow, even just skipping to the next album. Also unless you select it to draw from your entire library, you'll end up listening to the same five albums over and over and over (it's not as random as it should be). Selecting the whole library adds a bit more variety but increases the LAG factor a million-fold! The code for shuffle by album, interestingly enough, is still hard-wired into the firmware (or so I discovered when my iPod *ahem* "broke" ;-) Might I suggest to the developer to somehow manipulate that or at least look at it to see why their own code isn't up to par. Final word: despite it's shortcomings, it's still an indispensable program. Absolutely necessary to anyone longing for the awesomeness that is shuffle-by-album! My name is Monte and I'm a shuffle-by-album-aholic. P.s. I've been using this app for a good year or longer, through various updates, and these issues I mentioned have yet to be resolved.

Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, 1,000,000x thank you! I don't know why Apple stripped this functionality from its products, but thank you (again) for restoring it...

best app ever

I was a big fan of the shuffle album feature on the classic ipod I had. That was the only thing I missed about the classic compared to the touch, but with this app, no more. I would have easily paid 10 dollars for this app, glad its 1.99 though. Great app, really great app.

Not perfect

It doesn't work perfectly, but I think the reason why is because it seems ID tag-dependent. This is problematic if you download music from the internet, most likely, and especially if you get songs that are on the same album from different sources. You have to make sure the album names are the same on all tracks (i.e. probably can't have some songs from "Best of..." and others from "The Best of...") and the track numberings are there on all song tags for an album (i.e. 1/13, 2/13, etc). It's a pain in the @ss if you haven't done this and then expect the app to shuffle albums in their entirety/in order, especially if you have a large music collection and/or do manual sync and decide you want to edit tag info to make this app work right (if you do manual sync and want to edit, you can but unless you do the tags both in the music library and in the iPod/iPhone they will be different on one than on the other--too time-consuming to do both). My guess is this works flawlessly for people who have ripped their music collection into iTunes. For me, I get maybe two songs from the same CD in order and the other songs on the CD don't appear--the app just skips to another album--and then down the line it will play other songs from that CD. The CDs where I ripped songs all from the same source play correctly, i.e. songs all in order and the album in its entirety.

Love this app; keep up the great work

I love this app and I use it nearly everyday. I'm frustrated that apple left this out, but this is nearly just as good. I especially am pleased that the developer is very responsive to user requests and bug reports. I would love to see in the future: The ability to select multiple 'filters' especially genres. The ability to see the list of queued albums, even with the possibility that it might get out of synch with the actual iPod queue. A button to go to the iPod app? Is that possible? Thanks


Does not reliably shuffle albums in a playlist -- sometimes it just shuffles songs, sometimes it plays the first few songs from a random album, then jumps to another album. Seems to work OK shuffling all the albums in my library, but not in playlists, which is what I really wanted. UPDATE -- went to the developer's website and saw something about disabling "Album Artist" when using playlists. After I went into "settings" and disabled that, it now seems to work. So I gave it a couple more stars.

Does not work

Fails to shuffle by album. Just does regular song shuffle.

Wonderful app

The only thing I can think to add would be the option to remove "albums" of one or two tracks from the shuffle.


Not a bad app, but I wish it would remember where it left off when I sync or turn off my touch.

Most used app in my phone, bar none.

I am delighted with this app. Worth ten times what I paid for it. It does exactly what I'd hoped it'd do: patch a sorely missed absent feature on my iPhone. I haven't played with it much yet, but it appears richer in features than expected. Wish I'd come across this solution six months ago.

Thank you

I would have happily paid $10 for this app. I have always loved my touch, but it was a bittersweet love without the shuffle album feature. The skipping to next album feature is genius and perfect for people like me who can't decide what to listen to, but know right away when it is not. The only complaint I have is that you can select by Genre and Playlist, but not by individual artist. Of course we are only at version 1.2, so there is still hope!! Thanks again Mr. Blakeley


i am having trouble with the album shuffle app playing out of the playlists i'm wanting it to. i'll select one in the settings pane, but it seems to always revert to 'Purchased.' Am i doing something wrong? i miss the shuffle by album from my old ipod, but this isn't really doing it for me just yet

Best App in my phone!

I don't know why the ability to shuffle albums is not available in the iPhone, but I'm glad someone took it upon themselves to make this app. I listen to my iPhone all day at work, and I get stylistic whiplash if I just shuffle songs, so shuffling albums is the best way to go. Plus this app updates your play counts and last played times. Great work!!!

#1 App on my Touch!!

AlbumMixer v1.2 was released yesterday and in now my favorite app for the Touch. I have been missing the album shuffle function a lot since moving over to the Touch as my main iPod and now I don't even care if Apple ever turns it on unless they implement it like Michael has. Awesome! Pick a playlist... shuffle it... don't like the album that popped up first? shuffle it again and off you go. You can open music if you like (shuffle remains in force) or better yet stay in Album mixer where you have access to the skip to next/previous album buttons, pause/play, etc. A simple double click on the home button gets you volume. Truly one of the best apps in the entire library!

Fantastic App!!!

I've missed the album shuffle feature ever since I got my first gen touch. This will now be my default method for listening to my music. I had also raised a minor issue I had with this app and it was promptly fixed by the developer. I'm upgrading my rating from 4 to 5 stars. Thanks for this app, it's a great example of what makes the app store so useful.


I have waited for this app ever since I first got the iPhone. As someone who enjoys listening to full albums, but hates choosing which album to listen to I loved album shuffle on every iPod I have used in the past, and was dismayed to find it not available on the iPhone. This app does exactly what it promises to do, and is by far the best app I have downloaded for the iPhone. Thanks!

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